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MGTC Front Lever Shock (Single Arm) yours rebuilt.

$ 225

This product is not available for sale online.

To have your units re-built, please call 631-369-9515 or email [email protected].

Most products take 5 business days here in the shop.

Click here for instruction on Shipping to us.

This price listed is for most units. We will give you an exact quote after learning more about your units and needs.

Send us your shock, we will rebuild and return to you your original unit,

Please allow 7 working days, cost $225 per shock.

Girling / Luvax  PR6 - Single Arm Top Cover Held on by Four Screws - 1/2" Filler Plug in Center

Links are additional $65 each to rebush, please include pins. ( New links $95 each )

-Single arm Girling or Luvax PR6 or PV6


     Externally cleaned to the bare metal. Housings re-bushed with bronze bushings, shafts reground and polished. To aid dirt and water exclusion highest quality double-lip seals are used, which outlast originals. Valving is properly calibrated for correct jounce and rebound specs. Painted with a gun-metal grey primer. All rebuilt shocks come filled with fluid and ready for installation.

     We have very few of these MGTC lever shocks in stock which is why we can't offer an exchange program, however if you have incorrect or no shocks at all we can in most cases build you up a set,  please call or email for availability and cost, 631-369-9515, [email protected]  (ask for Lazar our in house lever shock guru).





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