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Austin Healey

Sprite Swivel Axle Assembly Kit For Disc Brake Cars - Outright per Pair

$ 641

We supply both swivel axles, outright sale no core charge 

Cross Reference #264-078 - Moss majors suspension kit

Swivel axles, easily overlooked, are on of the most important components of your front suspension. You may be familiar with the symptoms of worn kingpins: steering wheel vibrations, erratic tracking and wandering, and uneven tire wear.

Along with the major suspension kit, we will disassemble and pressure clean, install new grease fittings, new O rings and seals, press fit new bushings, and properly align ream the bushings for correct clearance.

$100 refund if pair of rebuildable swivel axles are returned to Apple Hydraulics.  

Drum brake cars, please call 631-369-9515






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