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"Better price than Moss" - Apple Hydraulics Reviews

"I just purchased (2) rebuilt front and (2) rebuilt from Lazar at apple for my 79 B- the are located on LI, so the first benefit for me is I had them next day paying only for ground freight. 

I opted to purchase the HD shocks, and last week before the Bennington trip we installed them and at the same time replaced all of the suspension bushings with blue pro-thane bushing. 

The rebuilt shocks looked new, and Lazar was very nice to deal with - I have sent back the cores and he credited me back for them the next day. 

I would go so far as to recommend him to anyone looking to replace their shocks and don't want to pay the premium price that Moss sells them for. 

The true test was heading south on 22 below bennington, the road is like a washboard and at highway spped, the shock did what the ar supposed to do, keep the wheels on the ground.

So we got caught in the rain last week so today I cleaned all the mud from the rocker panels and the wheels, and it looks like the shock performed well and no leaks- I think I paid $109 for the HD shocks" - Glenn Polly from

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