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Cord 1930s Delco Lever Shocks, Inertia ride type, $485 each,...

Delco - made in Dayton, inertia valve style shocks. Part # 1901 A/F rear, 1801 C/D Front.

$ 485
Gabriel, Rotary Type, $485

We normally do not stock this item, Have yours rebuilt. For more info please call or email: 1+631-369-9515

$ 485
Cord Vintage Shock 1700 series, $265 each, yours rebuilt

Part #: 1800-1899, Vintage front and rear lever shocks. Single arm, rear, screw in ends, part # on valve cover.

$ 265
Pierce Arrow rotary style Houdaiile lever shock

We can only rebuild your shock as this is a non stock item. For more info 1+631-369-9515 or Email

$ 585