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British and other Import Lever Shock overview

Lever shocks for British and Other Imports



Please see individual car listings for pricing

TR6 rear shock MGA front shock
Austin Healey 100-4, 100-6, 3000 Mk II (* 1953-64


Austin Healey 3000 Mk III (* 1964-67
Austin Healey Sprite (*) 1957-70
MGA (*) 1500, 1600, Twin Cam 1955-62
MGB & GT (*) 1963-80
MGC & GT 1967-69
MG Midget (*) 1961-78


MGTD, MGTF 1950-56
Saab 95 Wagon 1964-74 n/a
Sunbeam Alpine Mk I & II 1959-63 n/a

Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR4 1952-65 n/a


Triumph TR4A, TR250, TR6 1965-80 n/a

All our rebuilt shock absorbers are available as Standard or Heavy Duty Rebuilds. Please see individual vehicle listings.
- Please add core deposit if ordering from stock, please see individual car listings for deposit cost.
Rebuild and Return Yours is also available, please add $20.00 per shock.


Highly Recommended (for Austin Healey, Sprite/Midget, MGB only): Always replace rubber bushings between front shock and kingpin. These critically overlooked bushings are almost always worn out. Please request these bushings with every front shock you order. $4.50 ea. (2 required per shock)

(*) Also available:

Kingpin (swivel axle) rebushing and/or rebuilding (Big Healey, MGTD/TF, MGA, MGB, Midget/Sprite) 
- Rebuilt lower A-arms (Midget/Sprite)


Please Check: A rebuilt shock won't compensate for a connecting link with worn or loose bushings. They should be tight and wobble free. $30-$65 per link (outright, except 1953-62 Austin Healey exchange only).

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VINTAGE REBUILT SHOCKS                            

Please see individual car listings for pricing

Aston Martin

Armstrong front - Single Arm Dual Valve 4 mount bolts.

Selectaride - Electrically Adjustable Dampening
Rotary - Distinguishable by Clocklike Round Housing
Austin Marina Armstrong - Single Arm-excellent for custom applications, hot rods etc.
Austin Princess Armstrong, Large Cast Iron Housings
BMW Lever Action
Ferrari Houdaille
Ferrari Houdaille Rotary Unit - Round Shock Housing
Gabriel Piston Lever Type
Rotary Type
Jaguar XK120 rear shock
Jaguar Rotary Style - Round Housing - Single Arm [SS 100 & others]
Girling or Luvax - Single Arm [XK120 & others]
XK-120 links rebushed
Mercedes Lever Action (F+S Komet)
MGTA, TB, PA, PB, YA, YT, YB Rotary Style Luvax Unit
Girling PV5, PR5 Piston Type
MGTC shock
MGTC Girling / Luvax - Single Arm Top Cover Held on by Four Screws - 1/2" Filler Plug in Center
MGTD Girling (on the left) and Armstrong (on the right) front shocks
MGTD, TF 1950-52 Girling - Cast Iron Housing - 2 1/2" Screw on Filler Cap
1952-56 Armstrong - Aluminum Housing - Cover Held on by Machine Screws
Andrex friction shocks
Kingpin rebushing and/or rebuilding also available
Monroe (Essex) Single Arm Lever
Morgan Armstrong Single Arm
Girling Single Arm
Morris / Morris Minor Armstrong Single Arm
Girling Single Arm
SC2/3 rear shock pre-ww2 shock
Rolls Bentley S-1, S-2, S-3
Pre-war Units
Lovejoy units (on Springfield)
Wahl (Franklin) Single Arm Lever