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Buick 1920-36

Buick rear lever Shock, 1700 series dual action, $215 each...

Single arm, rear, stamped metal cover, part # on the cover Part #: 1713A/B or1713C/D

$ 215
Buick Vintage Shock 1930s, yours rebuilt, $485ea

Part #: 1570-1579. Single arm, front and rear, V-shaped body, arm and shaft one piece, part # on a valve cover, near the bottom of the V.

$ 485
1934-1935 Series 50, 60, 90 Buick Front Lever Shock Absorber,...

Buick 1934-1935 Front Lever Shock Absorbers - The very largest of the inertia ride control Delco shock, reserved for the heaviest of Buicks. Housings re-bushed with bronze bushings, shafts reground...

$ 485