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American Brakes, please see actual vehicle listing for more accurate pricing.

Buick - Cadillac/LaSalle - Chevrolet (Chevy) - Corvette - Camaro - Chrysler - Dodge/DeSoto - Ford - Mustang - Thunderbird - Lincoln/Mercury - Oldsmobile - Packard - Plymouth - Pontiac - Studebaker


Send us complete cylinder (as it came off the car) and we will return it cleaned, brass sleeved and assembled with new rebuild kit, ready to install back on the car.


Send us empty casting (all fittings, bleeders, etc. removed) and we will clean it, re-sleeve with brass to standard size and return, so you can reassemble using kit you provide.


Sleeving Only


Sleeve and Rebuild


Master cylinder, single circuit, w remote reservoir (many pre-1930-threaded end cap style $145)
   $145 most
$215-$245 most
Master cylinder, Large truck, commercial, heavy equipment and industrial applications
      $245 $385 most
Master cylinder, "in a box", with rotating arm on the side (some pre-1930)
Master cylinder, single circuit, cylinder and its reservoir cast as one piece (most 1930-1966)
   $145 most


 $245 most

Master cylinder, dual circuit (most 1967 & later)
    $165/$185  $315/$345
Master cylinder, 1956 Buick, (seal repair kit $75)

*Wheel cylinder, straight thru bore (see bore size below)

     $75 & up      $95 & up

Wheel cylinder, step bore

(International KB5, 6, 7, $145 sleeve, $175 rebuild)

     $175 & up
Treadlevac power brake units, 1952-60 Bendix and Delco-Moraine (add $50 if new main shaft is needed)
       $185     $495
Bendix Hydrovac power brake unit, 1950s Cadillac and other passenger cars




*Prices listed above are for 1-1/4 inch or smaller bore sizes ( additional charge for larger cylinders.) 631-369-9515 Mon - Fri 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM EST or email

Packard Treadlevac Servo Brake Unit Sleeved, yours done

1954 - Packard Treadlevac Servo Brake Unit Sleeved.

$ 185
Cadillac brake master cylinder - circa 1950s

Brass sleeved to original bore size $95. Sleeve, rebuild and OEM style kit installed, ready to bolt on $195.

$ 125
Plymouth road runner OEM master cylinder, yours done, $345

Your Brake master is Brass sleeved to the original bore size and rebuilt with all new rubber parts.

$ 345
Chevy Brake Masters Sleeved/Rebuilt to original bore size, yours done

Your Single Circuit Master Sleeved - Your Dual Circuit Cylinder Sleeved - Your Single Circuit Sleeved and Rebuilt - Your Dual Circuit Sleeved and Rebuilt -

$ 145
Chevy Brake Masters single circuit some with ID# freeze plugs,...

Freeze plug on front of cylinder with part # identifys the exact application. i.e. Corvette - 5454480 320-G

$ 125
Chrysler/Dodge Brake Master Late 1920's,yours rebuilt, $285

Early first generation fluid brake system, cutting edge at the time.

$ 285
Chrysler Wheel Cylinder - Late 1920's, yours done

Your wheel cylinder sleeved to original bore size, $125-$145 and rebuilt.

$ 125
$ 115
Various Calipers, yours done or from stock, please call for...

These are OEM calipers re-built with OEM pistons and rubber parts, new bleeders. These calipers are NOT offshore units.

$ 145
Harley Davidson FLH calipers, yours rebuilt $165

2"1/4 bore sleeved to OEM size, pistons machined to accept modern caliper seal and boot, new bleeder screw.

$ 165
Alfa Romeo Dunlop Caliper Cylinders, sleeved and rebuilt, (Yours Rebuilt)

Two removable cylinders on each caliper, prices are per each cylinder. To order, call or email 631-369-9515 /

$ 145
Alfa Romeo Dunlop Caliper Cylinders, sleeved (yours done)

Two removable cylinders on each caliper, prices are per each cylinder. To order, call or email 631-369-9515 /

$ 95
Austin Healey 3000 Mk II, Mk III Brake Caliper (Power...

These are OEM calipers fit the later Power Brake Booster cars, re-built with new pistons and rubber parts, new bleeders. To identify look for 16P or 16PB embossed on casting, also let us know if inlet line is Metric or American thread

$ 115
Reo, Dodge, Graham, Franklin, Seagrave, Mack, Peerless, La France and...

You will find these large box type brake masters on special use trucks and equipment, such as fire trucks, international trucks, street sweepers, garbage trucks etc. the peddle bell crank shaft also needs re-bushing and new seals to prevent brake fluid leakage.

$ 95
ISO - Fidia Calipers

Iso Fidia 1967 - 1975. Only 192 cars made. John Lennon bought #2.

$ 315
Datsun Roadster Dunlop, Sumitomo, Girling Caliper Cylinder, (Yours done)

Two removable cylinders on each caliper, prices are per each cylinder. To order, call or email 631-369-9515 /

$ 115
Rolls Royce/Bentley Wheel Cylinder Sleeved and Rebuilt, (yours done)

Please view complete listing/prices. Rolls/Bentley brake cylinders are not a normally stocked item, We ask that you send in your cylinders for sleeving or rebuilding. 7 day turnaround in most cases.

$ 85
Ferrari Clutch Master & Slave, Model 275, 512BB and others,...

Brass sleeved to original bore size and OEM style kit installed.

$ 215
Ford Mustang Brake Master rebuilt $215, Proportioning Valve rebuilt $165,...


$ 165