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Reo, Dodge, Graham, Franklin, Seagrave, Mack, Peerless, La France and others Master Cylinder in a box, yours rebuilt

$ 285
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A) SLEEVING ONLY - Send us empty brake cylinder casting (all fittings, bleeders, etc. removed, don't send the reservoir box) and we will clean it, re-sleeve with brass and return with 2 new gaskets, so you can reassemble using kit you provide. - $285

B) SLEEVE AND REBUILD - Send us your brake cylinder with internals, (don't send the reservoir box) and we will clean it, re-sleeve with brass and replace check valve, all internal rubber parts and return with 2 new gaskets. - $385

C) SLEEVE AND REBUILD - Send us complete cast iron box and cylinder (as it came off the vehicle) and we will return it cleaned, brass sleeved and assembled with new rebuild kit, ready to install. - $645 (Includes re-bushing and re-sealing main pedal shaft)

D) Brake Repair Kit -  all rubber seals, gaskets and check valve to rebuild your brake cylinder, please specify bore size or diameter of piston - $145

You will find these large box type brake masters on special use trucks and equipment, such as fire trucks, international trucks, street sweepers, garbage trucks, Reo, Dodge, Graham, Franklin, Ruxton, White, Stutz, Divco, Chrysler, Twin Coach, Peerless, Chevy, Buffalo, La France, Maxim, Seagaves,

Peddle bell crank shaft may also need re-bushing and new seals to prevent brake fluid leakage, if so, use option "C" above.

Questions please call 631-369-9515 or email


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