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Reo, Dodge, Graham, Franklin, Seagrave, Mack, Peerless, La France and...

You will find these large box type brake masters on special use trucks and equipment, such as fire trucks, international trucks, street sweepers, garbage trucks etc. the peddle bell crank shaft also needs re-bushing and new seals to prevent brake fluid leakage.

$ 285
Pierce Arrow rotary style Houdaiile lever shock

We can only rebuild your shock as this is a non stock item. For more info 1+631-369-9515 or Email

$ 585
Stutz Vintage Shock, yours rebuilt $485

Part #: 1570-1579. Vintage single arm, front and rear, V-shaped body, arm and shaft one piece, part # on a valve cover, near the bottom of the V.

$ 485
Gabriel, Rotary Type, $485

We normally do not stock this item, Have yours rebuilt. For more info please call or email: 1+631-369-9515

$ 485