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1200/1300/1400 Series Single Action Delco

Used on many 1930s, 1940s American cars and trucks

$ 185
$ 125
Chevrolet Front 1941-48 All Pass., (1939-40 Master De Luxe Only)...

One Chevy front lever shock. Part #: 2200 A or B (A is right, B is left)

$ 215
Chevrolet Front set of two shocks 1941-48 All Pass., (1939-40...

ONE PAIR Chevy front lever shock. Part #: 2200A/B (A is right, B is left)

$ 430
Chevrolet Front/Rear set of four shocks 1941-48 All Passenger cars...

ONE SET of 4 Chevy Delco Lever shocks Part # 2200A/B and 2100A/B

$ 630
Chevrolet rear lever Shock

Single arm, rear, stamped metal cover, part # on the cover Part #: 2100-2199

$ 185
Chevrolet single action lever Shocks

Single arm, front and rear, stamped metal cover. Part #: 1200-1299

$ 185
Chevy Brake Master 1950's applications

Freeze plug on front of cylinder with part # identifys the exact application. i.e. Corvette - 5454480 320-G

$ 95
Chevy Brake Masters sleeved to original bore size

Sleeve only price. See below for sleeve and rebuild $245 For "Sleeve and Rebuild" send complete master with internal parts ($245) For "Sleeving only" send cylinder as bare casting with all internals removed ($115)

$ 115
Chevy Master Deluxe 1934-38, Dubonnet Knee Action Shock Absorber or...

Fits 1934-38 Chevrolet Master Deluxe. Picture shows some of the parts we use in rebuilding these state of the art knee shocks

$ 165