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MGTD-TF Swivel Axle/Kingpin Assemblies - per pair - yours rebuilt, Swivel axle/kingpin, MGTD-TF - Apple Hydraulics


MGTD-TF Swivel Axle/Kingpin Assemblies - per pair - yours rebuilt

$ 180
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Just your 4 trunions rebuilt - $180  (you ship first)


Your complete Swivel Axle/Kingpin Assemblies rebuilt - $240 (you ship first)

Re-bushing (your trunions) only service - $45 per trunion  (2 per kingpin, 4 per car) $180 total
Send us your 4 upper and lower trunions ( no need to send us the whole swivel axle) and your suspension kit - we do the labor - (Apple Hydraulics is doing the labor, the customer is supplying the parts) cost $180.

Complete Swivel Axle/Kingpin Assemblies - per pair - yours rebuilt $240.

(Apple hydraulics does the labor and customer supplies the kit).

You can also send us your 2 assembled swivel axles (send what is in picture), along with the major suspension kit, and we will disassemble and pressure clean, install new grease fittings, new O rings and seals, press fit new bushings, and properly align ream the bushings for correct clearance. ( If you don't already have the kit, we can supply one, additional $115.)
Please remove front suspension components (brake assembly, backing plate, A-arm, shock absorber) and ship only the kingpin assembly. Tape nut on the spindle to prevent thread damage during shipping.




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