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Austin Healey Kingpin / Swivel Axle

Austin Healey Swivel Axle 100-4-6-3000 - per pair - yours...

Price is for pair - LH/RH Send us your swivel axles and suspension kit - we do the labor. If you prefer we can supply a Moss kingpin kit #021-188

$ 260
Sprite Swivel Axle - per pair - yours rebuilt (Disc...

- Price per pair - yours rebuilt, LH/RH - disc brake cars only (drum brake cars please call) You send us your swivel axles + suspension kit - we do the labor, customer supplies the parts, cost $240 for pair

$ 265
Sprite Swivel Axle Assembly, per pair from stock/with $300 core...

Price is for pair - LH/RH - disc brake cars only. We supply a pair of re-built swivel axles including a moss major suspension kit #264-078

$ 585
Austin Healey Sprite Lower Control Arm Rebushing

Spridget Lower Control Arm Re-bushing. You can place your order online here and then send your parts in, or order from our stock.

$ 116