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Jaguar Lever Shocks

XK120 & MK7,8,9,10 & others - Jaguar Lever Shocks

Single arm Girling or Luvax PR7, PV7. Original equipment, not reproductions. Cleaned to the bare metal. Housings rebushed with bronze bushings, shafts reground.

$ 365
Jaguar XK120 Rear Shock Link, yours Re-bushed, or a new...

Original cast steel links used on Jaguar XK120 rear Shocks - (Girling PR7)

$ 85
$ 75
Luvax Lever Shock (Jaguar SS 100 & other European cars)

Rotary style Luvax round housing, single arm. *We do not carry this item in stock* We will Re-build and return your shocks

$ 585