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Gabriel, Rotary Type, $445

We normally do not stock this item, Have yours rebuilt $445 each. For more info please call or email: 1+631-369-9515

$ 445
Gabriel Lever Shocks (piston lever type) yours rebuilt $265 each

*We do not carry this item in stock*, We will Re-build and return your shocks. To place order, call: (631) 369-9515 or Email

$ 245
Gabriel Lever Shocks (Rotary Type) yours rebuilt $545

We normally do not stock this item, we buy cores when available. We can however rebuild your unit. For more info please on this shock please call Lazar our in house shock Guru: 1+631-369-9515 or Email

$ 545
Pierce Arrow rotary style Houdaiile lever shock

We can only rebuild your shock as this is a non stock item. For more info 1+631-369-9515 or Email

$ 545