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Links and Straps

- Some of the various links we stock new ($35 - $75 most common links)
- Please e-mail or call with link length and application - (car make / model, front or rear) 631-369-9515 / [email protected]
- We also can re-bush your link - most links ($45 - $75 each for popular units)

MGTC Lever Shock Link and Pin

Links include an extra loose bushing for shock arm. Front link is 6" long, rear link is 4" long (center to center).

$ 65
Straps and Webbing for lever shock absorbers

Straps and Webbing for early single action lever shocks. Available in 6 foot lengths.

$ 18.50
XK120 Links re-bushed OEM (cast steel)

Original cast steel links used on Jaguar XK120 rear Shocks - (Girling PR7)

$ 75