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Austin Healey Carburetors

1953-64 Rear - Austin Healey Shocks

Austin Healey 100-4, 100-6 rear re-built armstrong lever shock dampers 1953 - 1962 Part #: 6076

$ 145
1953-67 Austin Healey 100-4-6, 3000 Front Shock

Austin Healey 100-4, 100-6, 3000 Mk I, II, III original equipment re-built armstrong lever shocks, not aftermarket replacements.

$ 225
1957-70 Front - Austin Healey Sprite Shocks

Austin Healey Sprite Front armstrong shock dampers - 1957-70 Part #: 5925.

$ 216
1957-70 Rear - Austin Healey Sprite/Midget Shocks

Austin Healey Sprite Rear shocks - 1957-70
Part #: 8681 -Externally cleaned to the bare metal.

$ 145
1953-64 Set of 4 - Austin Healey 100-4, 100-6, 3000...

Full Set Austin Healey Armstrong Lever Shocks for 100-4, 100-6, 3000 Mk I & II up to chassis #26704

$ 645
1964-68 Rear - Austin Healey Shocks

3000 MK II & III Rear Austin Healey Lever Shock Part #: 8188 STANDARD REBUILD Externally cleaned to the bare metal. Housings re-bushed...

$ 125
Austin Healey 3000 Booster Servo Repair Kit (1963 - 1967)...

Austin Healey Booster Servo MK2A Repair Kit, Girling kit part # SP2228

$ 85
1957-70 Set of 4 - Austin Healey Sprite Shocks, yours...

Austin Healey Sprite (1957-70) lever shock dampers. -Externally cleaned to the bare metal.

$ 645
Austin Healey 3000 Mk II, Mk III Brake Caliper (Power...

These are OEM calipers fit the later Power Brake Booster cars, re-built with new pistons and rubber parts, new bleeders. To identify look for 16P or 16PB embossed on casting, also let us know if inlet line is Metric or American thread

$ 115
1964-68 Set of 4 - Austin Healey 3000 Shocks, (exchange...

Full Set Austin Healey Armstrong Lever Shocks for 100-4, 100-6, 3000 Mk I & II

$ 645
Austin Healey Brake Booster 1963-1967, MK2A, yours rebuilt $785, from...

Austin Healey 3000 Girling Mk2A Booster Servo. These are original equipment units not reproductions, Note: All worn corroded bores are brass sleeved to eliminate seizing during long storage periods.

$ 785
Sprite Lower Control Arm Rebushing, yours done $136, from stock...

Spridget Lower Control Arm Re-bushing. Original equipment that will fit, not a thin gauge reproduction, You can place your order online here and then send your parts in for rebushing, or order from our stock.

$ 86
Austin Healey 3000 MK I, MK II Front Caliper (Non...

Fits BN7, BJ7, up to chassis #26704, Non Power Brake Servo Booster cars, easy to identify #14 embossed on casting, (later power assist cars have #16 embossed) early and late calipers are not interchangeable.

$ 145
Austin Healey Swivel Axle 100-4-6-3000-per pair-yours rebuilt(with your kit $375)(with...

Price is for pair - LH/RH Send us your swivel axles and repair kit - we do the labor. If you prefer we can supply a kingpin kit

$ 375
Austin Healey 100-4 Brake Master complete rebuild or sleeving, (yours...

You can place your order online here and then send your parts in for rebuilding: Send us complete cylinder. (Sleeving Only: Send us empty casting).

$ 145
Booster Servo Repair parts Girling MKIIB - Aston Martin, Rover,...

Crimp Style Booster Part#: SP2625 Cross reference#: 780-205, 021-173

$ 66
Girling MKIIB Booster Servo Repair parts- Aston Martin, Rover, Jensen,...

MK2B Band Clamp Style Booster, Girling kit Part # SP2625

$ 66
Austin Healey 3000 Booster Servo Air Valve Repair Kit (1963-67)...

Replace those fragile black plastic air valves with our custom Apple Hydraulics bronze valves.

$ 125
Sprite/Midget Swivel Axles - per pair - yours rebuilt or...

Yours rebuilt,- Price per pair - LH/RH - disc brake cars only (drum brake cars please call Lazar 631-369-9515) You send us your swivel axles - we do the labor, customer may supply the kit or we can, Also available from stock with $200 deposit.

$ 375