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Brake Masters

Buffalo, Graham, Dodge, Franklin and others Master Cylinder in a...

You will find these large box type brake masters on special use trucks and equipment, such as fire trucks, international trucks, street sweepers, garbage trucks etc. the peddle bell crank shaft also needs re-bushing and new seals to prevent brake fluid leakage.

$ 165
Cadillac brake master cylinder - circa 1950s

Brass sleeved to original bore size $95. Sleeve, rebuild and OEM style kit installed, ready to bolt on $195.

$ 95
Chevy Brake Master 1950's applications

Freeze plug on front of cylinder with part # identifys the exact application. i.e. Corvette - 5454480 320-G

$ 125
Chevy Brake Masters Sleeved/Rebuilt to original bore size

Sleeve only price. See below for sleeve and rebuild $245 For "Sleeve and Rebuild" send complete master with internal parts ($245) For "Sleeving only" send cylinder as bare casting with all internals removed ($115)

$ 115
Chrysler Brake Master Late 1920's

Early first generation fluid brake system, cutting edge at the time.

$ 215
Datsun 1600, 2000 and 240Z carburetors, per pair yours rebuilt...

You must send your carburetors to us for rebuilding.

$ 585
Datsun 280Z rear caliper , yours rebuilt

You must send your caliper for rebuild

$ 265
Ducati and several other Motorcycles

Resleeving and Complete rebuild available. (Your cylinder done)

$ 95
Early Rolls Royce Brake Master Cylinder and Wheel Cylinder

Rolls/Bentley brake cylinders are not a normally stocked item, We ask that you send in your cylinders for sleeving or rebuilding. 7 day turnaround in most cases.

$ 245
Ford Mustang 1966 Brake Master + Proportioning Valve


$ 195
Harley Davidson Brake Master Cylinder Sleeved

Sleeving only or complete rebuilding.

$ 95
Honda Goldwing brake master cylinder

Resleeving and Complete rebuild available.

$ 95
Iso Fidia Master Cylinder

Iso Fidia Master Cylinder - 2 Circ. ATE

$ 385
Kawasaki KZ 1000 (and others) brake master cylinder

Resleeving and Complete rebuild available.

$ 95
Kawasaki KZ 650D (and others) brake master cylinder

Resleeving and Complete rebuild available.

$ 95
Large Truck Master Cylinder #777 made in USA

Used on various 1940's heavy trucks, fire trucks, garbage trucks, street sweepers etc.

$ 145
Mercedes 190 SL Brake Master Cylinder, yours rebuilt

You must send in your cylinder to be repaired.

$ 145