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Various motorcycle brake cylinders, $95 - $195, motorcycle, BMW - Apple Hydraulics


Various motorcycle brake cylinders, $105 - $195

This item is not available for sale online.

We need to know more about your needs in order to give you an accurate quote. Please call 631-369-9515 or email to place an order.

 We sleeve and rebuild most motorcycle brakes, please call or email us for a quote,

We do a lot of vintage British, Japanese and European bikes, if its a hydraulic cylinder we can sleeve it, and with over 4,000 seals in stock can rebuild it and save you money from using costly dealer parts.


631-369-9515 ask for Lazar


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  • A customer has dropped off a Brembo (10.4388.02) front master cylinder from a 1987 Moto Guzzi. It is a 12mm. The previous customer converted the front single disc to dual disc using the same 12 mm m/cyl. It needs to be sleeved. Do you suggest sleeving it to a bigger diameter ? Thank You

    Not enough info to answer. Generally, if total caliper piston area (cross-section area) increases by x %, to get same caliper piston travel with one master cylinder stroke, you need to increase cross-section of the master cylinder piston by same x %.

    If there is enough meat on the casting, sleeving to larger bore size is easy. New, larger piston is also needed, so expected cost will be $295

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