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Needles and Jets

Needles & Jets

  • Individually available for Zenith-Stromberg and S.U. carburetors. The most common problem we solve for our customers is richer needles to compensate for the current ethanol blended gasoline which causes the British cars to run lean. We also do custom needles for the race car folk's. Another popular item is our package of 3 to 6 of needles in a range for a particular car, which allows the car owner to dial in the carbs for the best performance. Picking up an additional 6 to 10 HP for $40 or so is a bargain not to mention seat of the pants improvement. OEM needles by necessity had to be a compromise between economy, performance and drivability in a wide range of climates and elevations. Why not optimize your car for maximum performance?
  • Most needles $5 to $18 each

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