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About Us

We are Apple Hydraulics, the highest quality rebuilder of lever shocks and classic car parts in the industry. We do all of our work under one roof here in New York, and we care deeply about quality.

We have been re-building shocks, carbs, brakes, and a bunch of other parts for vintage and classic vehicles since 1973. There are 4 of us in the back shop getting our hands dirty (you may have spoken to one of us if the phone lines got busy) and Lazar is up in the office (you most likely spoke with him if you called). We are passionate about cars and we take pride in our work. Quality is our number one priority. When re-building, we use only the best materials for the job. We aim to make our re-built units better built to last than the originals. We offer a Lifetime Warranty and we stand by it.

Get in touch with us and let's talk cars! We want to help make your car ride smoother, run better, and stop on a dime! 

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