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MGTD,TF Andrex Friction Shock (rare OEM option), yours rebuilt.

$ 245

This product is not available for sale online.

To have your units re-built, please call 631-369-9515 or email [email protected].

Most products take 5 business days here in the shop.

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This price listed is for most units. We will give you an exact quote after learning more about your units and needs.

We do not carry this item in stock*

We can Re-build and return your shocks.

For more info call Lazar our in house shock Guru,  (631) 369-9515

or Email [email protected]

Re-build Process: Externally cleaned to the bare metal. Upper and lower housings re-bushed with bronze bushings, shafts reground and polished, Bronze friction discs are used to replace the original wood discs.  Painted with a gun-metal grey primer.

Links can also be rebushed at this time, $45 per link.

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