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Austin Healey

Austin Healey 3000 Mk II, Mk III Brake Caliper (Power Brakes)

$ 115
Sale Type
Inlet Threads

A) Your caliper rebuilt or exchanged - $115  (please send yours for rebuilding)                

B) Buy a caliper from our stock = $145 metric - $165 USA(we ship first)

 These are OEM calipers fit the later Power Brake Booster cars, re-built with new pistons and rubber parts, new bleeders. These calipers are NOT offshore units. If you are looking for OEM quality parts, these are the ones to buy. To identify look for 16P or 16PB embossed on casting, also let us know if inlet line is Metric or American thread, (an easy way to check, try and screw in (3/8"-24) USA fine threaded bolt, if it doesn't fit you have Metric threads.)

Questions please call Lazar at 631-369-9515 or email


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