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Carburetor Re-bushing - New Shaft Installed, $175 per carb

$ 175

$175 per carburetor: SU and Zienith Stromberg

- Carburetor body re-bushed
- New Standard size shaft installed (so all your shaft hardware will fit smoothly)

- Send just throttle bodies with old shafts, butterflies, and throttle stops,

Please specify year make model

You can place your order online here and then send your carburetors in for re-bushing. 

Questions? please call or email - (631)-369-9515 -



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  • Hello, I have a pair of throttle bodies from a Datsun 2000 that I would like to get new shafts and bushings done. However, one of the two has a butterfly valve that I messed up pretty badly trying to remove. Please let me know if you can replace or if I need to replace prior to sending in the cores.

    Send just throttle body, including old shaft and hardware mounted on the old shaft (butterfly and throttle stop)

    Datsun carburetors have steel shafts that are never worn and we re-use them. New butterflies are not included (also usually good to re-use). If you supply new butterflies we can replace them.

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