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Packard early, Delco Lovejoy Duodrolic

$ 315

We have no stock on this item however we can rebuild your shocks for $315 each.

Single arm, front and rear, with or without ride control (external adjustment), part # on a rectangular plate on the frame side of the shock body.

$385 most
($285 if w/out ride control, both ends open,
$315 if only one open end)

  • Dodge, G.M.C. Truck, International, Mack, Packard, Pierce-Arrow, Reo, White, Yellow Truck

    Allow 7 to 10 days turnaround.

    Have questions, please call: 1+631-369-9515 or Email [email protected]


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    • Hi there, I'm in New Zealand and have a 1931 Packard, th4e Delco Lovejoy Duodraulic No 1656d are the correct lever action shocks for my car. rather than send my shocks to you would you send me a repair kit or is there a supplier you are aware of over this side of the globe that might be able to assist?

      Hi, we are not aware of anyone that side of the globe that could rebuild them for you. Also, we do not sell repair kits for any shock abosorbers since the rebuilding process often requires machine and lathe work.

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