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Apple Hydraulics

Honda Goldwing brake master cylinder

$ 95

This product is not available for sale online.

To have your units re-built, please call 631-369-9515 or email [email protected].

Most products take 5 business days here in the shop.

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This price listed is for most units. We will give you an exact quote after learning more about your units and needs.

 Re-sleeving only, $95.00 
Send us empty housing, all fittings etc. removed like it is shown on photo above. We return cleaned and re-sleeved, but still empty. You reassemble with a kit you provide.

Complete rebuilding, $175.00
send it as it comes off, we return ready for installation back on, straight out of the box. We will disassemble, clean, re-sleeve and reassemble with new rebuild kit. Cost is $175 if just internal seals and seals between cylinder and reservoir are replaced. This price does not included a boot if required.


We can re-sleeve or rebuild most any Honda brake master for above pricing.

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