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Duesenberg Vintage Shock

$ 365

Single arm, front and rear, V-shaped body, arm and shaft one piece, part # on a valve cover, near the bottom of the V.  (a superb example of a rugged prewar lever shock over engineered to handle any punishment heavy depression era cars may encounter, enjoyable for us to rebuild yielding excellent results and ride quality.)
$365 is cost to rebuild your shock.
$395 - if with lubricated arm.

Part #: 1570-1579 

We do not usually carry this item in stock as shock cores are hard to come by.

We can however Rebuild and return your shocks at $365 per shock.

For questions or to check stock please call: (631) 369-9515 or email [email protected]

Externally cleaned to the bare metal. Housings re-bushed with bronze bushings, shafts reground and polished. To aid dirt and water exclusion highest quality Nitrile seals are used, which outlast originals. Valving is rebuilt and properly calibrated for correct jounce and rebound specs. Painted with a gun-metal grey primer.

All rebuilt shocks come filled with fluid and ready for installation.

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