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MGB Swivel Axle/Kingpin Assembly - per pair - yours rebuilt (with your kit $345)(with our kit $475)

$ 345

Price is for pair of swivel axles- LH/RH 

A) Your swivel axles rebuilt with Your kit - $345  (you ship first)

A) You send us your swivel axles and suspension kit - we do the labor - (Apple Hydraulics is doing the labor, the customer is supplying the parts) $345


B) Your swivel axles rebuilt, we supply a Moss Major kit - $475 (you ship first)

B) You send us your axles and we rebuild them with a Moss major suspension kit that we supply- $475 ( we do the labor and supply the parts)

Swivel axles, easily overlooked, are on of the most important components of your front suspension. You may be familiar with the symptoms of worn kingpins: steering wheel vibrations, erratic tracking and wandering, and uneven tire wear.

Along with the major suspension kit, and we will disassemble and pressure clean, install new grease fittings, new O rings and seals, press fit new bushings, and properly align ream the bushings for correct clearance. 

Please remove front suspension components (brake assembly, backing plate, A-arm, shock absorber) and ship only the swivel axle assembly. Tape nut on the spindle to prevent thread damage during shipping.

Re-bushing only service - $115 per swivel axle
Send us swivel axle or trunion castings (remove kingpin prior to shipping) and new upper and lower bushings from your kit and we will return with bushings installed and properly align reamed. 





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