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Lockheed Booster Servo, yours rebuilt $785

Apple Hydraulics

Lockheed Booster Servo, yours rebuilt $785

$ 785

Lockheed Brake Booster Servo 5" or 7" canister, fits many European cars,

A) Your Booster rebuilt  - $785  (Please send yours for rebuilding)


B) Buy a Booster from our stock - $785 + $100 deposit = $885 (we ship first)
We will need to see a photo of your booster for correct identification


We can re-build your unit. Also fits various sedans. Boosters are sleeved and re-built with OEM kit .

We recommend replacing master cylinder on the firewall a this time. We have found from experience that if the booster is bad the master cyl. is close behind.

Questions please call 631-369-9515 or email

 Please remove all brake line fittings before sending in.


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