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Packard Front 1939-42 Misc. Models (Not All), Shocks, Packard - Apple Hydraulics


Packard Front 1939-42 Misc. Models (Not All)

$ 245
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Have your shock rebuilt or exchanged - $245  (you ship first)


Buy a shock from our stock - $265 + $130 deposit = $395 (we ship first)

Questions please call: (631) 369-9515

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1939 1701,2,3,5
1940 1801 Com., 1803 Comm., 1804,5,7,8 
1941 110, 120, 160, 180
1942 2004,5,7,8,20,21,23 

Externally cleaned to the bare metal. Housings re-bushed with bronze bushings, shafts reground and polished. To aid dirt and water exclusion highest quality double-lip seals are used, which outlast originals. Valving is properly calibrated for correct jounce and rebound specs. Painted with a gun-metal grey primer.

All rebuilt shocks come filled with fluid and ready for installation.


We will ship out your new shocks right away. Once your old shocks are returned to us, we will refund your core deposit. See Shipping Instructions for information on shipping to us.

Only rebuildable cores are accepted for core charge refund, exchange, or R&R. In the past, less than 5% of the cores were rejected. Many of the cores rejected receive partial credit depending on the condition.

Rebuildable cores:

-No physical damage such as cracks, bent or broken parts

-Mounting holes not broken or excessively worn

-Threads and splines not stripped

-Not “frozen”; Internal movable parts should move



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