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Triumph TR6, TR250, TR4A, Rear Armstrong Lever Shock Absorber

$ 85
$ 30 Core Charge

Triumph TR4A, TR250, TR6 (1965-80) IRS Independent Rear Suspension
STANDARD REBUILD - $85+$30 deposit = $115,
Return your old shock for a refund of $30.

Housings re-bushed with bronze bushings, shafts reground and polished. To aid dirt and water exclusion highest quality double-lip Nitrile seals are used, which outlast originals. Valving is properly calibrated for correct jounce and rebound specs. Painted with a gun-metal grey primer.


HEAVY DUTY REBUILD - $95+$30= $125,

Return your old shock for a refund of $30.

Designed for our customers who enjoy driving their cars with performance in mind. Rebuilt to same high quality as our standard units, but with larger bronze bushing where main shaft rides. Shock valving is upgraded, 15% stiffer than standard shock, but a longer lasting unit. Highly recommended for many Armstrong aluminum body shocks.

Ever since introduction of our Heavy Duty shock line we have been selling them 2 to 1 over standard units.

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