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Cargostar Truck Brake/Clutch Master Cylinder, 1960-1980s International Cargostar and others, yours rebuilt, $465

$ 465

A) Your Brake Clutch Master Sleeved and Rebuilt - $465  (please send your original cylinder for rebuilding) Send us complete cylinder (as it came off the truck) and we will  clean it, Brass Sleeve the worn bore, assemble with a new Repair kit and return it ready to install back on your truck.

B) Your Cylinder just Sleeved - $385 (please send bare casting, remove all internal parts and filler plugs)

Note: These cylinders come in 1-1/8", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 1-3/4" bore diameters, its important to maintain original bore size so sufficient fluid will allow the clutch to shift properly, we highly recommend you rebuild the original unit off your truck to assure complete clutch disengagement allowing clean shifts, a common problem we see are customers installing the more common 1-1/8" cylinder in place of their original larger bore cylinder only to find they have to go back and rebuild and reinstall the original unit. 

Please call for other truck applications, we can do most cylinders.

Questions: please call 631-369-9515 or email


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