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Wahl Single Arm Lever Shock (Franklin, Hudson and other prewar vehicles) $385ea, yours rebuilt

$ 385

Your Whal Lever Action Shock Rebuilt - $385 ea (please send your shock in for rebuilding)

*We usually do not carry this item in stock - We can however Re-build and return your shocks.

We have some shocks in stock for parts and  occasionally enough to do a complete set, call for availability if you are missing or have no shocks at all on your car, in most cases it will be less costly to rebuild shocks that you supply. Frozen and/or broken shocks are in most cases repairable.

To place order, call: (631) 369-9515

or Email

Re-build Process: Externally cleaned to the bare metal. Housings re-bushed with bronze bushings, shafts reground and polished. To aid dirt and water exclusion highest quality Nitrile seals are used, which outlast originals. Valving is properly calibrated for correct jounce and rebound specs. Painted with a gun-metal grey primer.

All rebuilt shocks that require fluid are filled and ready for installation.


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