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Chevrolet / Pontiac Dubonnet Knee Action Shocks

Rebuilding Dubonnet Knee Action Shocks for Chevrolet 1934 - 1938 Master Deluxe and Pontiac 1934 - 1936

- Complete re-building includes reground main shaft mated to new oversize bronze bushing pressed into re-machined housing.

- Valving is re-built and calibrated to proper jounce and rebound for your model Chevy or Pontiac

- Inside the Dubonnet shocks the coil spring rates are match balanced to each other for uniform ride height

- The troublesome weak iron thrust cone is replaced with an oversize bronze cone to permanently cure shaft wander

- The Dubonnet shock is then sealed with the highest quality mil spec Buna Nitrile seals

- After strengthening all the weak spots in these cutting edge shocks, we never see them back again. We have done over 1100 units in the last 35 years.

- Kits and parts are also available for the do-it-yourself home mechanics. They cost $245 per shock.  Contact us to place a kit order.

Place an order here for CHEVROLET

Place an order here for PONTIAC

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