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Apple Hydraulics

SU HIF Series Carburetors Complete Rebuild per pair

$ 495

You can place your order online here and then send your carburetors in for rebuilding.  Rebuilding takes 5-7  business days here in the shop.

Questions? please call or email - (631)-369-9515 - [email protected]


- Carburetors completely disassembled and cleaned
- Housings re-bushed, new standard size throttle shafts
- New jets, new needles, new float valves
- New gaskets and O-rings
- Individually flow bench tested
- 5 day turnaround time


- Carburetor bodies re-bushed
- New standard size shafts installed.

SU HIF Series Carburetors are found on :

1972-75 - MGB and several other British vehicles and Volvo's.

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