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Pontiac Dubonnet Knee Action Shock Absorber - 1934-36, Yours Rebuilt or Repair kit.

$ 225

 Fits 1934-36 Pontiac Knee Action Lever Shock

A) Your Pontiac Dubonnet shock rebuilt  - $985  (Send your shock for rebuilding)

A) (Note: Please tape nut onto your spindle, remove steering arms, please send only what you see in our photo).


B) Repair kit does one Dubonnet shock - $225 

B) (Note: Bronze bushings need to be Reamed to fit.)


There are several variations of these Dubonnet knee shocks, which is why we prefer to rebuild your units, however we can build you up a set, please call or email for availability and cost, 631-369-9515,  (ask for Lazar our in house lever shock guru).

We also offer a comprehensive Dubonnet rebuild kit and instruction booklet, $215 (see picture) for the seasoned mechanic, if you run into any problems along the way, send us your shock and unused kit and we will finish the job and credit you for the unused kit.

Questions please call 631-369-9515 or email

Read more on our re-building process here


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