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Chevrolet / Pontiac Dubonnet Knee Action Shocks

Rebuilding Dubonnet Knee Action Shocks for Chevrolet 1934 - 1938 Master Deluxe and Pontiac 1934 - 1936

- Complete re-building includes reground main shaft mated to new oversize bronze bushing pressed into re-machined housing.

- Valving is re-built and calibrated to proper jounce and rebound for your model Chevy or Pontiac

- Inside the Dubonnet shocks the coil spring rates are match balanced to each other for uniform ride height

- The troublesome weak iron thrust cone is replaced with an oversize bronze cone to permanently cure shaft wander

- The Dubonnet shock is then sealed with the...

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How to identify your Armstrong Austin Healey Lever shocks (dampers)

Armstrong Shocks Austin Healey

What shocks are on my Healey?

Austin Healey lever shocks (dampers) are easy. Let's lay it out:

What shocks are on my Healey?
1953 - 1967 your Austin Healey has these FRONT shocks:
- Part #: 6075, 8002
- Double arm

1953 - 1964 most Austin Healey's have these REAR shocks:
- Part #: 6076
- Single Arm (small body) up to chassis # 26704

- These early shocks have filler plug on side of the body

1964 - 1967 most Austin Healey's have these REAR shocks:
- Part #: 8188
- Single Arm (large body) after chassis #...

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TR-6, TR-250 Booster Repair Kit - We have Diaphragms!

kits triumph

Re-building your TR-6, TR-250 Booster

Everyone has kits, but we include the diaphragm + Free Shipping

TR-6, TR-250 Booster Kit with Diaphragm

TR-6, TR-250 Booster Repair Kit Includes:
- Diaphragm
- Bellows
- 2 O-rings
- Foam Circle
- Check Valve canister seal
- Small hole rubber dam
- Free Shipping

Kit does not include check Valve*

Cross Reference number # (583-085) SP2495




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